About Our Tsudoi Gatherings


A place for
young carers and young adult carers
to connect.

Our Tsudoi Gatherings are places for current and former young carers and young adult carers to meet and gather. In the recruiting talks in the first half, a young carer talks about his or her experiences and thoughts. In the second half, participants break up into groups for discussion.
We began these Tsudoi Gatherings to provide a place where carers with similar experiences can connect, where they can listen to other people’s experiences, and where they can make themselves more known.


Tsudoi Gathering Venues and Dates

Event Dates In principle, held on the afternoon on the 2nd Sunday of odd- numbered month (May change depending on venue circumstances)

Venue Currently held at either 1) Osaka Dental University (Hirakata City) 2) Within Osaka City *Online participation also possible
Target Current and former young carers and young adult carers who are middle-school aged or older, supporters
Aimed at Current and former young carers and young adult carers who are middle-school aged or older, supporters

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4 Features of Tsudoi Gatherings

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    You can make friends who are in similar situations

    You can meet people who, much like themselves, have been responsible for caring for their families. Even if your experiences are not exactly the same, you can share the feelings you felt at that time and your thoughts.

  • 02

    You can safely discuss yourself and your family

    In front of people who understand your situation, you can safely discuss your issues without fear of negative reactions from other people. In order to maintain a safe space, we have strict rules for confidentiality.

  • 03

    You can take a break from caring

    Among your everyday life in which you have to prioritize your family over yourself, the moments you take a break from caring and participate in Tudoi Gatherings let you discuss your thoughts without reserve to anyone.

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    You can learn from each other’s experiences

    You can ask other participants how they got through their school lives, friendships, life course, and own mental health care. Getting advice from other participants’ experiences can help you with your own life.

We managing members are waiting for you at our Tsudoi Gatherings.

The Tsudoi Gatherings by the Balloon Society are managed by current or former young carers and young adult carers.
We look forward to your participation!

We have had many participants until now

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  • Number of Participants


*as of March 2023

*Includes the number of meetings held and the number of people who attended before we became an NPO.

Voices from Participants

  • I could feel I was not alone

    I could listen to the worries of people who are in the same situation and sympathize with them. I could feel I wasn’t alone and felt maybe I could also become a source of strength for these people.

  • I could talk about my care experiences for the first time

    I participated in this Tudoi Gathering and could talk about my experiences for the first time without comparing myself to other people. Also, for the first time I realized that talking to somebody helped ease the tension I continued to feel every day.

If you think the same way, please participate in our Tsudoi Gatherings.

  • I’m the only one in the world doing something like this.
    If other people out there are doing the same thing, I want to meet them.

  • I want to take a break from taking care of my family for a bit

  • I want to utilize my experiences for current young carers

Participate in Tsudoi Gatherings

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I feel a bit uncomfortable speaking, can I participate without talking?

    You can participate by just listening to others.

  • Can I participate without revealing my real name?

    You can participate with a nickname.

  • I’m not sure if I’m a young carer or not.

    Regardless of the degree of care, you can discuss anything that you think might be relevant to you.