Osaka City Online Salon for Middle and High School Students


A place to belong where you can feel emotionally safe
Online Salon

We conduct our Online Salons as a place where young carers who are middle and high school students can gather and socialize.
The Salons are a place where participants can talk and feel they are not alone.


Listen to people’s stories and deeply understand their feelings

Young carers who are middle and high school students deal with various kinds of family care. They may be assisting with household chores, taking care of their siblings, taking care of sick family members, listening to their mothers’ complaints and talking, or looking after their grandmothers. These discussion sessions are for these young carers to talk about things they normally can’t discuss, and to listen to what other people have to say.

YC Peer Support

Try talking to participants and staff who have had similar experiences. You can talk about anything – from things that have happened until now, what will happen in the future, and any questions you’d like to ask. Of course, you can participate just by listening.

Relax Time

Enjoy a comfortable and relaxing time online. Talk about anything you want, play mini-games..
You can also make requests.

3 Features

  • 01

    Regularly Held

    We regularly hold Online Salons so that many people can participate.

  • 02

    Former Young Carers Participate

    With our Online Salons, we have established a place where everyone can listen to the experiences of (former) young carers.

  • 03

    Just Listening is OK

    You don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to. We welcome people who would like to participate just by listening to what others have to say.

Online Salon Event Information


In principle, once a month


Online (Zoom)


Many things are planned, such as programs where you can participate along with former and current young carers, and discussion time. We always have information posted on our homepage!
*You can participate using a nickname and not your real name. You can also participate with your computer screen off.

For details, click here

Participation Fee You can participate for free

Consultation Process

  • 01

    First, apply to participate

    You can apply from the application form or through e-mail.

  • 02

    Our office will contact you

    Our office will send you the URL for the Online Salon

  • 03

    Participate in the Online Salon

    On the event day, please log in. If you are not sure how to log in, please feel free to ask.

Day of Online Salon

*Current and former young carers, as well as experts, will participate.
*We will ask you what kind of people you would like to be in the same group with.
*You can participate anonymously, or with your camera off.
*When you don’t want to talk, you don’t have to. You can participate just by listening to other participants talk.