About Our Activities


Fellow young carers socialize and form connections



These are places where current and former young carers and young adult carers can gather, share their experiences, and freely discuss anything. You can participate just by listening to what other people say. We began these gatherings to provide a place where carers with similar experiences can connect, where they can listen to other people’s experiences, and where they can make themselves more known.



Balloon Cafe

Online discussion meetings held using Zoom. A small number of current or former young carers and young adult carers gather here and discuss things along with around two managing members. Every session features discussions with the theme and participants set, such as “student young carers” and “people who are former young carers who are now in support jobs.” The Balloon Café provides a place where people can freely talk to small groups of people who are similar to themselves.


Osaka City Online Salon for Middle and High School Students

A place to belong, where young carers who are middle and high school students can think that they are not alone, and that they are not the only ones having these experiences.
We hold online salons as a place where young carers who are middle and high school students can talk with each other.


Listening to their worries and what they want to say


Osaka City Young Carers Consultation Support Projects

Former young carers, social workers, and other professionals are available for consultation. Confidentiality is always main tainecl and no one else will know what you have talked.
Rest assured when you consult with us.
It’s okay even if you’re not sure what you want to get advice about.
First, just talk with us.
We accept consultation requests from teachers and professionals.


Other Projects

Lending of Training Videos

We have a limited number of instructors available for dispatch. However, we want to educate as many people as possible on information regarding young carers. So in collaboration with the Fukushi no Mirai Design Lab, we have created research videos on young carers, and are carrying out a video lending service aimed at government institutions and educational institutions.

Videos Summary

Basic Edition(Video Length: Around 20 Minutes)

These videos compile information such as interpretations based on the latest overseas and domestic data on young carers, as well as their current status on issues they face. Dr. Hamashima, the Representative Director of the Balloon Society, serves as the instructor for this video.

Experience Talks Edition(Video Length: Around 25 Minutes)

This video features speeches about actual experiences from young carers themselves. While using visual slides, they talk about their actual experiences, what they gained from those experiences, what they want to convey to supporters around them and to society, and messages to young carers who are facing the same hardships.
In this video we have prepared 5 talks, given by 5 people, classified by target audience for the training.

Summary Edition(Video Length: Around 15 Minutes)

Finally, Dr. Hamashima, the Representative Director of the Balloon Society, summarizes what is needed to support young carers.



Dispatching Instructors

In order to educate people about young carers, we dispatch experts and managing members with care experience as instructors to schools and various training centers. We have a track record until now of dispatching instructors for training aimed at educational staff, welfare workers, social workers, government staff, ordinary citizens, and students.

*Unfortunately, we have currently stopped taking on new requests due to the large number of work requests we have received. We will update our homepage when we start taking requests again.



As advisers, we cooperate with corporate projects and government policies that are considering support for young carers, from the standpoint of experts and people involved with this issue. Please make the best use of the voices of young carers and young adult carers, so that we can create a society where they can all live comfortably.