About Balloon Society


Delivering a place to belong for young carers and young adult carers

The Balloon Society is an organization where experts, who are involved in work with children and young adults who are (or were) responsible for taking care of their families, gather.
We started our activities as a voluntary organization in December 2019, and in February 2022, established a non-profit organization.
We conduct our activities to create a place where young carers and young adult carers can interact with each other with peace of mind, and to create a society where they can live as themselves while holding on to their dreams.

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Creating a society where young carers and young adult carers can live up to their full potential Vision

Balloon Society’s vision is to aim for a society in which young carers and young adult carers can live freely without worry, and where they can utilize the value that every one of them has.

The 3 missions that we upholdMission

  • Providing a time to young carers and young adult carers in which they can feel safe, connect with others, and be themselves as children (or young adults).
  • Suggesting options for young carers and young adult carers to know themselves, talk about the future, have dreams, and live true to themselves.
  • Raising societal awareness and enlightenment regarding these issues and proposing support systems for young carers and young adult carers, and their families.

Representative’s Message

In 2016, we conducted a survey aimed at high school students. The results indicate that young carers made up around 5.2% of these students, meaning around 1 in 20 of them were taking care of their families. This was the first survey of its kind in Japan. However, although several mass media companies in the Kansai region picked up the story at the time, there was largely no public reaction. In many cases, people do not even believe in the existence of young carers. Or rather, there were times when it was treated like an inconvenient truth. We continued to discuss the issue of young carers at various places, however there was no progress in terms of awareness or support.

So in 2019, we began the Balloon Society along with four former young carers and young adult carers, in order to create a place where they can gather and raise awareness of their existence through these gatherings. Though we had no management, capital, skills, or outlook, we aimed to create such a place anyway.

Representative DirectorYoshie Hamashima

Organization Profile

Name Non-Profit Organization Balloon Society
Established February 3rd 2022 Became a Non-Profit Organization
Address 540-0012
2-2-20 2F, Tanimachi 2-Chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka
Civic Activity Square CANVAS Tanimachi F09
Contact 06ー4790ー8881
Executives Representative Director Yoshie Hamashima
Managing Director Masateru Kita
Director and Secretary General Taeko Minami
Director Yuki Ogata
Director Yukari Nishikawa
Director Mihoko Yonezawa

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